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Halo 2 Tips and Tricks and more Games

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Need some help? Or do you want to learn cool tatics? You've come to the right place.

Tips and Tricks for new and pro gamers

For all gamers. NEVER, and I repeat NEVER cheat until you have beaten or got to a point in a game, were you have no other choice to get around something. Trust me. I did that once and the game wasn't fun anymore. Always try to beat the game without cheats, then once you have,cheat all you want to you hearts desire.

Tips and Tricks Halo 2

For all gamers. When you are playing Halo 2, remember these stragies.
When you are in Close Up Combat, always use a Sword, Shotgun, Plasma Rilfe or SMG (or duel wield).
Almost any other weapon in close up combat (except turrets) is suicide.
When you are in Long Range Combat, always use a Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle (alien or human) Carbine, or Rocket. If you are really good use Grenades.
These are some tips for Xbox Live gamers

Tips and Tricks for everyone of all ages

For new gamers. Try to do things with or without cheats until you feel confdent of your skills to do things without cheats.
For Pro gamers. Always be a good sport and congragulate anyone who beats you and help gamers that are having trouble.

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