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Halo 2 Tips and Tricks and more Games

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In my humble opinion... My favorite game would have to be... Need for Speed: Most Wanted

On this page I'll tell you about my favorite game. With info such as:
  • Publisher
  • Game Title
  • Graphics
  • 1 out of 10 (Music, Gameplay, Re-playability, Plot...)
  • What Real Reviewers rated it

I'll be sure to include lots of screenshots so you get a good sense of the game.


The game Starts out with you in your BMW M3 GTR, Driving to Rockport to find someone to race. You end up racing this guy named Razor. He is number 15 on the Black List when you meet him. It turns out that he messes with you ride and you lose the Car. Then you find out that he is at the top of the Black List, and you have to work your way back up and challenge him. When you beet him, something really cool happens!


Game Creators

EA is the Developer of this game. I think that they did a supurb job. I think that if anyone else had Developed this game, the game would have been a total failure. I congratulate EA on making such an excellent game.

Tips and Tricks

For gamers that have this game.
If you are ever in a cop chase in NFSMW then when you come to a roadblock, use slowtime and kind of, sholder the roadblock so you don't flip. I'll tell you what happens on each Condition.
  1. Con 1: You start the chase with 5 cops on you
  2. Con 2: You start the chase with 10 cops on you and the cars are Black
  3. Con 3: You start the chase with 15 cops on you and the Cars are Pontiac GTOs
  4. Con 4: You start the chase with 20 cops on you and the Cars are Black and the use Helicopters and Spikestrips on you
  5. Con 5: You start the chase with 25 cops and they have Corvette C6s on you and use Helicopters and Spikestrips on you

Crazy Studios inc.

Frostbite Studios inc.